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Is it safe to use this website?
Yes, shopping at is safe. Every purchase on is covered by our Safe Shopping Guarantee. See Guarantee details below.

Why are the sites so safe? does not store or record any credit card or bank information details. None of these information are required for purchasing locally in Singapore. deals in person and in cash.

Guarantee Details:
Every item listed for sale is guaranteed authentic or 100% money back guarantee. If any dispute over authenticity arises, you must submit the item to the respective store manager (no other staff members) to authenticate the item within 10 days after receiving the item. You must be present at the store with the item when we speak to the store manager, as most stores do not issue a written statement of authenticity. So please let us know the store location and the appointment time you have with the store manager. If and when the store manager decides to send it to the factory for further inspection, we shall expand the inspection period until you receive it back from the store.

All of the merchandise we sell is guaranteed to be authentic. We strive for excellence in luxury retail combining delightful customer service and premium, authentic authentic designer brands at affordable prices. We at stand behind all of our merchandise. When you buy from us, you know that you are buying authentic merchandise.

We purchase our merchandise directly from authorized dealers and resellers who liquidate past-season, closeout, and overstock goods, ensuring the authenticity of the merchandise we sell. only deals with the most reputable suppliers worldwide. with our excellent connections is able to purchase high quality authentic merchandise from around the world. All of our items originate from a registered factory, retailer, or wholesaler with invoices of authenticity from the respective manufacturer. All of our items come with original packaging and authenticity tags from the manufacturers. We are sure that every item we sell is authentic .

Many of our customers ask us how we are able to provide such coveted brand name handbags and accessories at extremely low prices. Well since we are an internet based company, we have very low overhead unlike "a real world" store. Most of the merchandise we sell is not from the respective designers' current season collection. This reason, coupled with the fact that we enjoy low overhead costs as an online retailer, enables us to offer such substantial discounts on the merchandise we sell.

So, when you are buying from, you know that you can shop safely without worries! Please enjoy a wonderful shopping experience with us! If you ever have anything at all that you need, we are available via email 24/7 via our email form to serve you and by phone at 3150.7253 from 6:00am - 3:00pm Singapore Time.

How do we offer such great deals?

Low Overhead
As a web-based store, we do not have the huge costs associated with a traditional retail store. Thus, we are able to offer lower prices because the cost of running our business is lower.

Overproduced Products
Each year manufacturers estimate how many products they will sell. Many times they overestimate and produce too many products. The manufacturer is forced to liquidate these excess products. We purchase these products at below-wholesale costs and then pass the savings on to you.

Cancelled Orders
Store managers frequently change the products they sell in their stores. As a result, they often cancel orders they have with manufacturers. The manufacturers are forced to liquidate these excess products. We purchase these products at below-wholesale costs and then pass the savings on to you.

Company-Specific Issues
A company may be downsizing, moving facilities, or just need to reduce its inventory for any number of reasons. The company is willing to sell the products for less than it normally would (often below its cost) to get rid of the products quickly. We purchase these products and pass the savings on to you.

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