Never pay full price again.

Say goodbye to the world of mega-retailers gorged on mediocre quality and bloated prices. Put an end to the days of digging through off-brands to find a passable shirt, or braving lines of mullet-clad rascal-racers to purchase a bag.

Welcome to the new way. The Singapore Vault store employs industry espionage and the unwillingness to settle for second-rate gear to give you the latest, lightest, and finest clothings, sunglasses, and bags. You've discovered the promised land of premium products, a virtual Everest of inventory from the best brands on the planet. Forget duct-taping your sunglasses, selling a kidney for a new wardrobe, or working three jobs to afford the latest handbags - you're dealing with The Singapore Vault now.

With more variety than most shops in Singapore and prices that would make your mom blush, the Singapore Vault promises you'll never have to choose between dressing up and groceries again.

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